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CHAMP RTFwith alerons_AV
same as flexibles model but with alerons thanks flexible i was looking for 1
(a4magic, , 22.0 KB)
07-11-2010 760
old war zone_AP
This is a place to fly war birds. please report any glitches,problem ,or request to modify. from the tower in the inte...
(a4magic, , 84.0 KB)
07-11-2010 922
Sumer time paradise_AP
The next step in from Sunday is the Summer time paradise this time there is a farm,and a tower.
(a4magic, , 47.2 KB)
09-04-2010 584
Sunday Airport_AP
Picture your self in a place that is peaceful and calm, where people are nice.No polotics no fighting just you and the a...
(a4magic, , 41.8 KB)
09-04-2010 577
Valley of flight_AP
This is a place of detail. Dive bomb cows crop dust the farmers feild weave between telephone poles and after youre done...
(a4magic, , 143.2 KB)
09-05-2010 613

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