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Drthsonics Blue Thunder edite...
here is the blue thunder i edited to look n fly better hope you like it it does easy smooth stunts nothing too severe it...
(Drthsonicreveng, , 32.8 KB)
10-24-2015 334
Drthsonics F-31 Tomcat 2 edit...
here is my variant of the F31 tomcat i moved the turbines towards the center a bit to make it more stable n not just fli...
(Drthsonicreveng, , 21.9 KB)
10-24-2015 335
Drthsonics - Ferrari F1 Gear s...
heres my edited team farrari gear sound hope you like it
(Drthsonicreveng, , 40.6 KB)
10-24-2015 353
Drthsonics Airwolf Large Scale...
here is my airwolf large scale turbo edited for your enjoyment
(Drthsonicreveng, , 27.6 KB)
10-24-2015 377
Drthsonics airwolf with turbo ...
it took me awhile to get the airwolf colour to add to my airwolf bodies /variants due to my bell 222 on my realflight so...
(Drthsonicreveng, , 31.0 KB)
10-24-2015 318
Drthsonics hyper airwolf w fix...
here is my best customized Airwolf i hope you enjoy it as much as i do it has been made to do basic stunts and has fixe...
(Drthsonicreveng, , 31.6 KB)
12-08-2015 360
Drthsonics Team Los Buggy edit...
here is my edited team los buggy hope you enjoy it
(Drthsonicreveng, , 39.3 KB)
10-24-2015 320
here is my version of W.A.R.M.S modellers airport in henderson Western Australia
(Drthsonicreveng, , 784.3 KB)
10-24-2015 286

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