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3W blue Extra 2._CS
This the wonderful CS from Bonanza It has less reflectivity, and looks great. The artwork stands out, and you can see ho...
(herc40, , 3.12 MB)
06-06-2008 844
This is the Extra 330s BA. This is also a CS from DOD called Texas Votec. Enjoy!!!!!
(herc40, , 6.24 MB)
06-01-2008 1227
4P Blue Impulse_CS
This is the Blue Impulse Jet Team CS
(herc40, , 338.6 KB)
03-04-2009 700
4P Breitling Jet Team_CS
This is the Breitling Jet Team CS
(herc40, , 423.1 KB)
03-04-2009 622
4P Flying Stars_CS
This is the Flying Star Jet Team CS
(herc40, , 321.9 KB)
03-04-2009 566
4P Tigers Aerobatic Team_CS
this is the Tigers Aerobatic Team CS
(herc40, , 543.4 KB)
03-04-2009 497
4P Tri Color Frecce_CS
This is the Tri Color Frecce CS
(herc40, , 346.9 KB)
03-04-2009 558
4P Turkish Star_CS
This is the Turkish Star Team CS
(herc40, , 302.4 KB)
03-04-2009 430
4P USA Germany_CS
This is a CS that I found on a SU-27, But I thought it was cool enough for the Formation 4
(herc40, , 466.0 KB)
03-04-2009 579
50% walker_CS
Another fine CS for Boof69"s wonderful 50% Spacewalker. This one should apeal to the D Day era buffs. hope you ENJO...
(herc40, , 6.81 MB)
10-15-2011 411
A Cessna 182_AV
I've changed some things and made it respond quickly, but in a scale look. enjoy
(herc40, , 18.6 KB)
02-20-2007 1813
This aircraft is known as the E-3D. It is fast and flight worthy. Check it out and let me know what you think.
(herc40, , 29.7 KB)
03-01-2007 1135
A Fokker DR1_AV
This is the Fokker DR1. At full throttle it uses less runway than a heli. It also slows as well. For a foamy, it is hugh...
(herc40, , 32.3 KB)
03-12-2007 1839
A Spacewalker_AV
this is my 1/3 scale Spacewalker. It is big and gentle, a real pleasure to fly.
(herc40, , 17.1 KB)
02-12-2007 1731
Aero Union P-3 Orion_AV
This is the AV to go along with the Aero Union CS I made. The Fire Retardant is attached to the bomb bay doors on channe...
(herc40, , 32.5 KB)
03-25-2012 1029
Aero Union_CS
Aero Union Corporation, an air tanker company, provides flight operation services for commercial and military aviation m...
(herc40, , 3.42 MB)
03-24-2012 785
Aeromaster Red and White_CS
this is the Red and White CS for the AeroMaster by fly Electric. My son, Benjamin helped me get the color on the cockpit...
(herc40, , 3.65 MB)
06-03-2015 409
This the 30% Dalton Extra 260 with a DOD CS, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(herc40, , 524.5 KB)
05-02-2008 1824
Allied Polk-a-dot_CS
This is an Allied War World II CS Enjoy
(herc40, , 1.97 MB)
12-14-2011 476
An F-8_AV
This is an F-8. I did not make this model, I inhanced it a bit. Taxi with wing pod open. has a nice glide path now, and ...
(herc40, , 7.4 KB)
03-02-2007 908

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