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A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog TF...
The Hog with the TF34-GE-400A sfx with more fan noise at the top end. Y'all can play with it as you see fit but defa...
(csgill75, , 267.5 KB)
03-01-2013 1031
Airwolf GS Turbine with Theme ...
This is a RF7 Physics update for my original Physics update I did 2 years ago for G6. It works now. Things in the editor...
(csgill75, , 3.37 MB)
07-03-2014 1419
Airwolf GS Turbine with Theme ...
Physics changed by replacing all the Gyros with a Flybarless Setup. For the True Airwolf Junkie I have added a special f...
(csgill75, , 3.36 MB)
08-24-2012 1687
Blue Stik TD_CS
This is my Blue Stik that is similar to one of the Stiks I used to fly. I recovered my real stiks in different colors bu...
(csgill75, , 119.8 KB)
11-01-2015 304
Bristol F2b 7s_AV
Added one more cell in the battery (7s) for a little more power so it doesn't fall out of the sky as easy when doing aer...
(csgill75, , 1.84 MB)
12-03-2012 556
C-17 Globemaster III 300% F117...
Sound file for the C-17 of the P&W's that come on the real aircraft.
(csgill75, , 640.9 KB)
04-28-2013 1241
C-17 Globemaster III 300% RB-2...
For 901 and others that i fly with
(csgill75, , 388.3 KB)
09-01-2012 1327
Convair B-58A Hustler 60%_AV
This is only 60% of the size that Matt originally created. I did this so it would be closer to the same Scale to the B-1...
(csgill75, , 17.3 KB)
12-07-2010 1101
Convair B-58A Hustler Locust H...
Found Specs on a Locust H150 Turbine for model aircraft and decided that the B-58 would work great with 4 of them. Engin...
(csgill75, , 28.3 KB)
06-13-2010 943
Convair B-58A Hustler_AV
Nothing changed except a weight reduction and drag reduction which improves perfomance aproxamately 28% with the same tu...
(csgill75, , 27.9 KB)
06-13-2010 1226
Convair CV 880 JT8D Sounds_AV
Sound Enhanced by a recording of Real JT8D engines. Enjoy ****Compatible with RF6 and RF7 ONLY****
(csgill75, , 687.2 KB)
08-17-2012 953
CorsairF4U-1 R2800_AV
Boof's Awesome F4U-1 but with a better engine. Sound is of a Real Pratt and Whitney R-2800 Radial engine.
(csgill75, , 1,012.3 KB)
08-27-2012 1125
Deuces Wild High Voltage Drag ...
Drag Race Version of Deuces Wild for Mystic Voodoo's Race Course good for arround 400 on the track with a higher top spe...
(csgill75, , 39.3 KB)
01-25-2010 924
Do-335 Artic_CS
The Do-335 in a artic Camo Scheme
(csgill75, , 8.26 MB)
01-01-2010 707
Dornier Do-335 A-12 with Guns_...
the Do-335 A-12 with 3 machine guns and No Bombs. Also included are cockpit camera views and more power than the origin...
(csgill75, , 27.7 KB)
12-30-2009 1005
Drab Green TD_CS
While it is a simple Color Fill, I had a Stik this same color pattern and I had many many flights with it. I preferred i...
(csgill75, , 119.9 KB)
11-01-2015 276
F-86 Sabre Real Turbine_AV
Real turbine recorded from a real turbojet engine sound on the F-86. Guns on 3 pos switch
(csgill75, , 678.4 KB)
08-30-2012 659
FA-18E Super Hornet High Perfo...
****Improved version**** Tighter turning faster rolling and faster flying version of the Beautiful FA-18 from Lex. Now ...
(csgill75, , 23.5 KB)
04-10-2010 1678
Grey Stik TD_CS
This is my Grey Stik that is similar to one of the Stiks I used to fly. I Recovered my real stiks in different colors bu...
(csgill75, , 106.0 KB)
11-01-2015 284
Henschel Black_CS
A more "sinister" color scheme for the Henschel P75
(csgill75, , 473.1 KB)
02-04-2010 527

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