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Align 450 6s Pro_AV
This Helimax is taylored to match my real Align Pro running on 6s packs. Power & cyclic rates are very close. Weig...
(Stringfellow, , 259.8 KB)
06-08-2014 647
Align 450_AV
Align 450 Sport v1. Here is the Helimax I've been flying all the time in Multiplayer. It's tuned to mimic my own Sport...
(Stringfellow, , 260.1 KB)
08-29-2013 794
Dominion 3D 90 Nimble_AV
Latest version
(Stringfellow, , 40.0 KB)
11-26-2011 506
Furion 450 FBL_AV
Theoretical generic 6s flybarless 450 size heli swinging 325s. Rotordisc lowered to approximate a DFC head.
(Stringfellow, , 257.6 KB)
04-10-2015 613
L-39 Vectored_AV
Here is my attempt to create a realistic vectored thrust 3d L-39. Ever see the hovering jets on Youtube? Gyros for vec...
(Stringfellow, , 25.6 KB)
02-29-2012 448
Slinger with Yaw v2_AV
Here is a Slinger with Rudder control. It has dual control surfaces on each wing tip which open to create drag... right...
(Stringfellow, , 18.9 KB)
04-24-2013 410
T-rex 550E Mine 12s_AV
Here is a theoretical 12s modification I did to Dimitri's Align 550e using the specs for KDE's KDE550XF-565kv motor and ...
(Stringfellow, , 51.7 KB)
02-11-2015 834

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