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Align T-Rex 700E 3G Carbon_AV
My edit. Has more power, quicker on the cyclic, won't bog as easily either. Enjoy!
(RCFlyer88, , 40.3 KB)
04-04-2012 1973
Dominion 3D 90 - Flybarless Pr...
Awesome edit of the stock Dominion 90 FBL. Now flies like a true flybarless 90 size heli..... Enjoy! www.YouTube.com/...
(RCFlyer88, , 40.3 KB)
02-02-2011 704
Kasama Srimok 90N BEASTX_AV
Here's my Kasama Srimok BeastX Flybarless edit! YOU MUST FLY IT ON IDLE UP 2! THAT IS WHEN THE GYROS ARE ACTIVE! ...
(RCFlyer88, , 15.3 KB)
04-27-2011 890
Kasama Srimok 90N Pro_AV
My edit of the Srimok 90N. Please download and rate!
(RCFlyer88, , 16.1 KB)
02-23-2011 628
Krill Katana Pro_AV
My edit of the Krill Katana. Flies great. Just soe more throws, more power.
(RCFlyer88, , 28.8 KB)
02-02-2011 516
Kyosho Caliber 90 Beastx_AV
Here's my Flyarless edit of this heli. It's my first shot at making a flybarless heli, and I dont think it's too bad.
(RCFlyer88, , 32.0 KB)
04-25-2011 673
Logo 600 BeastX 12S_AV
Here's my second edit of the Logo
(RCFlyer88, , 35.9 KB)
07-23-2011 1501
Logo 600 V-Bar 12S Carbon_AV
Here's my Logo 600 12 cell edit. It flies AWESOME. You can see it fly on my youtube page: www.YouTube.com/RCFlyingBoy200...
(RCFlyer88, , 38.0 KB)
02-02-2011 1502
Patric's Synergy N9E_AV
My edit of the Synergy N9E. FBL and Electric
(RCFlyer88, , 39.5 KB)
11-08-2011 726
Rave 90 ENV Electric FBL (Quic...
My edit on the Rave 90. It flies alot more realistically. Less pitch Less roll rate on cyclic Smooth tail piro rate...
(RCFlyer88, , 40.5 KB)
01-26-2012 951
Sun Dog Beastx FBL_AV
Here's my second flybarless edit...of a Sun Dog! it flies sooo much better now!
(RCFlyer88, , 35.6 KB)
04-26-2011 552
Synergy N9 CGY 750 FBL_AV
Here's my Synergy N9 flybarless edit with CGY 750 flybarless gyros. AMAZING HELI. Flies like a true flybarless heli! Jus...
(RCFlyer88, , 39.7 KB)
04-15-2011 1155
T-Rex 500 BeastX Flybarless_AV
Here's my edit of the Align 500. I made it flybarless, and it flies great. Enjoy!
(RCFlyer88, , 36.1 KB)
06-30-2011 1884
T-rex 700 Nitro BeastX FBL_AV
The new, redone edit of the last. I have no clue what is screwing up. Me or the technology...? YOU MUST FLY IT ON IDL...
(RCFlyer88, , 20.3 KB)
04-27-2011 1743
VBar T-rex 700E_AV
TRex 700e Flybarless with Gyros! Flies awesome on Idle Up 1 but its totally crazy on Idle Up 2. It took about 5 hour...
(RCFlyer88, , 44.8 KB)
03-26-2011 2608

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