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F-2H3 Banshee PSS Slope Soarer...
F-2H3 Banshee PSS Slope Soarer, modified by Imageek2. Added ballast because this one likes bigger air.
(Imageek2, , 44.7 KB)
06-05-2013 460
Inkys Ornithopter Slope Soarer...
Inky's Ornithopter modified for Slope Soaring by Imageek2. The tail mechanism makes this an elegant bird in the air. ...
(Imageek2, , 47.9 KB)
05-30-2013 439
JART Slope Plane Modeled by Tony Elms Original Flight Characteristics by opjose Variant and ColorScheme by Imageek2...
(Imageek2, , 39.8 KB)
05-27-2013 406
Katonka Slope Soarer_AV
The Katonka Slope Soarer, modified by Imageek2. The Katonka is based on the R-100 Bugatti. The Katonka is smaller an...
(Imageek2, , 39.7 KB)
06-01-2013 353
Le Fish Green_CS
A simple green and white color scheme for the Le Fish.
(Imageek2, , 97.0 KB)
08-13-2013 434
Mini Vector California Roll_AV
The Mini Vector California Roll Slope Soarer. My variant of the Mini Vector is light and fast. I have coupled the fl...
(Imageek2, , 41.5 KB)
06-03-2013 430
R-100 Bugatti PSS Slope Soarer...
A PSS version of the Bugatti R-100. Ready For the slope! ----------------------- Originally recreated for Real Fli...
(Imageek2, , 37.8 KB)
06-01-2013 496
Tehachapi Slope_AP
A modification of the Tehachapi Airport by Linkadrip. I changed the wind direction and speed, the pilot spawn and the ai...
(Imageek2, , 236.2 KB)
10-09-2013 455
Windrider Bat Superfreak Tom_A...
The Windrider Bat Superfreak with no ballast and a new paint scheme.
(Imageek2, , 36.0 KB)
08-24-2013 451

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