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This is a heavily modified version of the Patriot that I call the Banshee. It is turbine powered with spoilers activate...
(strongmankb, , 23.5 KB)
03-21-2007 646
Bergin turbine_AV
I got this from heliace.com, it is a turbine powered heli that rocks! I hope you enjoy it.
(strongmankb, , 36.2 KB)
12-01-2006 1341
Bird of Prey_AV
This is my bird of prey edit for the bird of time glider. It is powered with a powerful brushless motor.
(strongmankb, , 13.6 KB)
02-07-2007 960
Blue Eurosport_CS
Here is an blue version of the Eurosport.
(strongmankb, , 75.9 KB)
10-30-2007 574
Bobcat 2_CS
Here is a red version of Brentg's Bobcat Colorscheme.
(strongmankb, , 69.5 KB)
11-13-2007 722
Bobcat 3_CS
Here is a white version of Brentg's Bobcat Colorscheme.
(strongmankb, , 58.8 KB)
11-13-2007 742
Here is my BVM Bobcat. I did the 3d modeling and flight physics and Brentg helped me with everthing else required to ge...
(strongmankb, , 1.74 MB)
11-13-2007 6758
Here is my pusher version of the Bobcat. I did the 3d modeling and flight physics and Brentg helped me with everthing e...
(strongmankb, , 1.19 MB)
11-15-2007 5065
E-Sky Coco Lama V4_AV
This is a varient of the Blade CX2 that flies exactly like my E-Sky Coco Lama V4. Let me know what you think. This is ...
(strongmankb, , 31.3 KB)
09-14-2007 4164
E-Sky Lama Coco V4_CS
This is the colorscheme that goes with my E-Sky Coco Lama V4.
(strongmankb, , 2.48 MB)
09-14-2007 1753
This is my electric helicopter trainer.
(strongmankb, , 33.4 KB)
02-07-2007 1359
This is my modified version of the big EC-120 made by yogi. I removed the AFS, and made it 3d capable. I also balanced...
(strongmankb, , 30.8 KB)
01-26-2007 823
Electric Hawk_AV
This is my powered electric Hawk. I personally think this is a blast to fly.
(strongmankb, , 15.4 KB)
02-07-2007 665
Electrostreak (Fixed Prop)_AV
This is an edit of the stock Electrostreak that flies exactly like the stock arf Electrostreak from Great Planes. It is...
(strongmankb, , 23.0 KB)
12-01-2006 510
Euro Sport_EA
This is my Eurosport colorscheme on the new and improved Eurofighter from Inky00! I really appreciate all of Inky00's h...
(strongmankb, , 2.34 MB)
03-16-2007 5944
Eurofighter modled by Inky00. It wants to stick to the ground on takeoff, but if you give it down elevator then up it j...
(strongmankb, , 2.00 MB)
12-19-2006 13197
Extreme Flight Extra_AV
This Extra is meant to mirror the fantastic performance of the model from Extreme Flight. If anyone has one and could h...
(strongmankb, , 33.7 KB)
05-08-2007 1504
Here is my long awaited F-104 Starfighter. I did the origional model and the flight physics. Brentg refined my model a...
(strongmankb, , 3.38 MB)
8.9 12-20-2007 17091
F-86 Sabre (Electric)_AV
Here is a simple but fun electric conversion of the F-86 sabre.
(strongmankb, , 25.2 KB)
12-08-2007 783
Falcon 3D_AV
This is my Falcon 3D edit for Nemo's Raptor it flies identical to my stock Falcon 3D.
(strongmankb, , 36.3 KB)
02-07-2007 1870

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