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AT-6 Texan RA1 R_AV
racing plane for racing
(Ryan C. Archer, , 25.0 KB)
08-26-2011 318
BLT Park Flyer RA 1_AV
new updated version with tail camera
(Ryan C. Archer, , 25.3 KB)
04-01-2011 317
Boneyard FUNYARDrace1_AP
(Ryan C. Archer, , 236.8 KB)
03-21-2011 366
Boneyard Indoors track 1_AP
Indoor Car Track
(Ryan C. Archer, , 369.8 KB)
05-01-2011 560
First aircraft i have done completely by myself, using 3ds max 7 and rhino 3d. it has a few probelm's couldn't get it t...
(Ryan C. Archer, , 587.9 KB)
06-27-2007 1702
composite arf extra 260 3m_AV
Composite-arf extra 260 3m, I take No credit for the physical model, i just take credit for the flight model, made by ...
(Ryan C. Archer, , 26.9 KB)
10-12-2007 1030
Double Whammy Aerobat_AV
just for fun
(Ryan C. Archer, , 26.9 KB)
05-15-2011 335
Extra 300L 40 percentRA 1-2._A...
Extra 300L aircraft from Realflight G4. Ryan Archer 40% edit, color scheme by Dr cool. Special thanks to the crash test...
(Ryan C. Archer, , 38.4 KB)
06-02-2008 1499
Ferrari F1 RC mod 1L_AV
Mod 1L, for long tracks with higher speed, smoke switch controls down force.
(Ryan C. Archer, , 40.2 KB)
05-01-2011 539
Ferrari F1 RC mod 1_AV
F1 Mod 1, smoke switch controls down force configurations, for use with shorter tracks, with tighter turns and less spee...
(Ryan C. Archer, , 40.2 KB)
05-01-2011 483
Ferrari F1 RC oneeighteen_AV
1/18 scale RC F1, for use with smaller tracks.
(Ryan C. Archer, , 16.2 KB)
05-01-2011 370
Gold Country Aeromodeler Park ...
Mini race course, for use with the 1/18 f1
(Ryan C. Archer, , 305.6 KB)
05-01-2011 339
Gold Country Aeromodeler Park ...
Race course, for use with normal 1/10 size cars
(Ryan C. Archer, , 339.5 KB)
05-01-2011 331
Lake Douglas air race_AP
lake douglas air race unfinished
(Ryan C. Archer, , 828.9 KB)
06-07-2010 484
micro bandit 1_EA
Micro bandit by ryan archer. second model completed in jsut over an hour. ryan
(Ryan C. Archer, , 355.7 KB)
06-28-2007 1681
Mistral 3m ridiculous_AV
ridiculous mistral
(Ryan C. Archer, , 27.3 KB)
12-15-2010 483
Ryan Archer Comp ARF._CS
Ryan Archer Comp arf 3m extra 260 scheme made by dr cool. with help from cowboy. ryan
(Ryan C. Archer, , 571.3 KB)
06-02-2008 702
Santa Clara red bull race_AP
Red bull racing field for Realflight G5...didn't spend much time, just for enjoyment, don't bother to rate, i don't care...
(Ryan C. Archer, , 736.2 KB)
06-06-2010 883
completely stupid, just for fun.
(Ryan C. Archer, , 17.6 KB)
12-15-2010 435
Slinger mini_AV
fur spensur
(Ryan C. Archer, , 11.7 KB)
04-03-2011 413

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