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Preview Name Rating Date Downloads
Addiction custom_CS
Pa Addiction Flamer
(skiman21632, , 721.4 KB)
12-12-2008 1117
Addiction Red_CS
Pa Addiction Red Cs
(skiman21632, , 524.8 KB)
12-07-2008 1092
Aeroworks 3_CS
This a repaint of Rick Deltens Aeroworks original. This paint scheme represents Aeroworks Yak 100 QB. Enjoy!!! Skiman ...
(skiman21632, , 348.2 KB)
12-10-2006 2067
Alpha Trainer 2_CS
This is a Hangar 9 Alpha trainer Cs. I found this on Realflights original webpage in the swap page section. I did not pa...
(skiman21632, , 408.6 KB)
01-07-2007 1374
Avant Aurora Custom_CS
Custom Avant Aurora Cs for Expansion pack 2 Enjoy!
(skiman21632, , 3.71 MB)
11-18-2008 855
Avant Aurora Pro Yo G3_CS
This is a custom paint for the Avant Aurora expansion pack 2 done by Mikeymike21, i just made it available for G3.5 with...
(skiman21632, , 2.67 MB)
11-14-2008 815
Beast X Logo 600 G35_CS
This was painted by Mikeymike21 i just converted it over for G3-3.5 users. Thanks Mikey.
(skiman21632, , 2.76 MB)
08-21-2010 1305
Custom Fury_CS
Custom paint for the Fury Extreme. You will need Expansion Pack 2 for this file to work Enjoy!!!! Ski <><
(skiman21632, , 405.7 KB)
12-03-2007 581
Dalton Extra 260_EA
This is the Dalton Extra 260 Model by Rob Burton, Flight model by Ryan Archer and John Zaretsky. The original Cs by John...
(skiman21632, , 2.40 MB)
02-06-2007 6022
Fliton AJ extra 2_CS
Slightly adjusted colorscheme for Inky's AJ Extra 330 S These colors came off the Fliton website Thank You Inky this...
(skiman21632, , 383.1 KB)
03-23-2007 717
Genesis New_CS
This is a new colorscheme for Rick Deltens F3A Genesis Enjoy!!!! Ski <><
(skiman21632, , 340.1 KB)
02-23-2007 1601
Genesis Viper Green_CS
Here is a great scheme brought to you by I Love Nachos. I just made the file available for G3.5 users. Enjoy and thank I...
(skiman21632, , 721.0 KB)
11-20-2009 574
Hangar 9 Twist Yellow_CS
My attempt at the yellow and purple Hangar 9 Twist. Please enjoy!!!! Ski <><
(skiman21632, , 1.56 MB)
10-23-2007 1673
Heli-Max Axe Cp Blue_CS
Blue Axe Cp CS by request Enjoy !! Ski <><
(skiman21632, , 514.9 KB)
05-30-2007 539
Heli-Max Axe Cp Orange_CS
Orange Axe Cp Cs by request Enjoy!! Ski <><
(skiman21632, , 528.2 KB)
05-30-2007 521
Heli-Max Axe Cp Purple_CS
This was done at the request from a person thru a Pm here is a purple Axe Cp Cs. Enjoy
(skiman21632, , 603.7 KB)
05-30-2007 576
Heli-max axe cp Red_CS
Here is a red version Cs for the Heli-max Axe Cp Enjoy!!!!!!! Skiman <><
(skiman21632, , 590.9 KB)
02-20-2007 652
Heli-max Axe Cp Yellow_CS
Another Axe Cp CS by request Enjoy!!!! Ski <><
(skiman21632, , 542.0 KB)
05-30-2007 595
Ion-X Custom Orange_CS
Ion-x colorscheme Orange purple flame for Expansion pack 1 Enjoy !!!!! Ski <><
(skiman21632, , 5.78 MB)
12-03-2007 480
Logo 600 Daniel Jetschin G35_C...
This is a paint scheme made by Mikeymike21 for the Mikado Logo 600 i just made it downloadable for G3.5.
(skiman21632, , 3.54 MB)
04-15-2009 1525

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