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Acroduster - Hotrod Black_CS
If you can't post an honest rating & comment (hear me helohero!), then DON'T post any at all...... Final version...
(REBEL, , 1.75 MB)
06-03-2011 1006
Cap 232 - 33%_AV
My second variant for G4, tweaked to perfection. This one's based on the 1/3 scale Great Planes Cap 580. It features the...
(REBEL, , 37.1 KB)
11-28-2009 1014
Cap 232 Yellow Flash_CS
Here's a colorful, high contrast color scheme from the REBEL paint shop. It's based on a real aircraft... again (I like ...
(REBEL, , 519.5 KB)
11-28-2009 856
DC-10 CP Air_CS
Here's another colorful and shiny masterpiece for a nice airliner from the REBEL Paint Shop. Beautiful aircraft model...
(REBEL, , 736.3 KB)
11-05-2009 1166
Edge540 Castrol Aviator_CS
It's been a while but here's a new CS fresh out of the REBEL Paint Shop. About the real Edge 540... The Edge 540 i...
(REBEL, , 317.8 KB)
10-30-2009 854
Edge540 RedBull Black_CS
Here's a new CS fresh out of REBEL's Paint Shop with a beautiful high gloss finish, the Extra 540 Red Bull in Black. Is...
(REBEL, , 405.5 KB)
12-08-2008 2685
Edge540 RedBull Blue_CS
For those who prefer blue instead of black, here's my Edge 540 Red Bull CS re-painted in a nice Blue.
(REBEL, , 340.4 KB)
12-08-2008 1738
Extra330S Castrol Aviator_CS
It's been awhile, but here's another awesome real plane color scheme, complete with sponsor logos, from the REBEL paint ...
(REBEL, , 470.6 KB)
05-16-2011 735
Extra330S PattyWagstaff Black_...
Final version of this CS. Patty Wagstaff's gorgeous black & silver plane is the new Extra 300SR and it's the first ...
(REBEL, , 425.0 KB)
11-26-2008 2054
Extra330S Pepsi Max_CS
Here's a super-cool, totally original color scheme from the REBEL paint shop. The Pepsi MAX aerobatic team. Pepsi MA...
(REBEL, , 1.59 MB)
05-20-2011 771
Extra330S Racy White_CS
Here's my shiny new 5th color scheme, fresh out of the PaintShop. It looks fast just sitting there, but combine it with ...
(REBEL, , 278.1 KB)
11-16-2008 710
Gee Bee Z #4 Springfield_CS
New screenshots and photos uploaded ... My third color scheme is a nice reproduction of the Gee Bee Model Z #4, City...
(REBEL, , 1,003.8 KB)
11-09-2008 1078
Livermore RC_edited_PI
When I downloaded this nice G3.5 field, I decided to finish it, since "gordon" posted it over a year ago and d...
(REBEL, , 16.09 MB)
11-25-2008 2528
MCD Dotlingen II_final_PI
Here's another G3.5 field I found which was uploaded, empty, by a few people over a year ago and forgotten. It's such a...
(REBEL, , 16.12 MB)
01-03-2009 2228
MXS_HobbyKing MX2_AV
My variant of the MXS is based on the HobbyKing MX2 foamy, a great looking, great flying and stable RC model (I bought t...
(REBEL, , 11.4 KB)
01-07-2012 2124
Pitts Python - Blue Flame_CS
Here's a HOT new CS for the Python, fresh out of the REBEL Paint Shop. It's a little different from the real thing beca...
(REBEL, , 368.7 KB)
01-10-2009 1241
Pitts Python - Midnight Red St...
I thought to myself "hell, there aren't enough nice color schemes for this monster", so I went back to my pain...
(REBEL, , 414.2 KB)
11-11-2009 1192
Pitts Python - Purple Star_CS
theg0dfather said I should do a CS on another plane. Well, here it is, the Pitts Python Purple Star. I seem to h...
(REBEL, , 420.2 KB)
12-02-2008 1543
WildHare Ultimate Bipe_AV
Here's my variant of the G4 Ultimate Bipe. It's been scaled up to the same size and specifications as the WildHare 29...
(REBEL, , 46.8 KB)
05-09-2011 800
Yak-54 (with knob controlled G...
Here's my first variant for G4, the Yak-54 with gyro. I re-configured the gyro to use the top-right knob giving you v...
(REBEL, , 29.3 KB)
11-23-2008 691

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