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600N Swoosh_CS
600N "Swoosh" Custom colorscheme by me for maxx's 600N model.
(BladeCP02, , 811.2 KB)
08-01-2009 809
CDT T500 Yellow Black_CS
Yellow/Black Canopy for use with G5
(BladeCP02, , 3.79 MB)
03-18-2010 892
Dominion 3D Performance 50_AV
Test upload
(BladeCP02, , 36.6 KB)
11-29-2008 826
Hummingbird Scheme_CS
Colorscheme request for jetplanes3d: Century Hummingbird scheme for cdlflyer's MS Composit Hornet X3D.
(BladeCP02, , 653.9 KB)
07-25-2007 533
Logo 600 Advanced_AV
Updated Logo 600 variant for G4.5 Components updated with dimensions that better fit the visual model, as well as the...
(BladeCP02, , 34.6 KB)
01-03-2009 3439
Logo 600 V-Bar 10S_AV
Refined Logo 600 with actual cyclic gyros and control loops.
(BladeCP02, , 33.7 KB)
03-03-2010 2712
"RF-KES" Colorscheme for Maxx's beautiful Bell 206.
(BladeCP02, , 263.4 KB)
11-21-2009 1177

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