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27% Extra 300L ._AV
My attempt at a 27% Extra 300L based on Ricky Delten's beautiful aircraft. ------------------------------ Scale: 27% ...
(Blade Scraper, , 25.4 KB)
04-28-2008 3196
30% Dalton Extra 260_EA
This is Rob Burton's 30% Dalton Extra 260. 3D model by Rob Burton,Physics were done by Ryan C. Archer(He Did the physic...
(Blade Scraper, , 2.63 MB)
9.7 07-15-2007 20672
38% Cap 232_AV
This is my 38% Cap. Features a 120 CC engine and it can now do more arobatics, such as flat spins ect. It has more over ...
(Blade Scraper, , 44.2 KB)
12-27-2007 3669
=1= B-25J Mitchell ._AV
B-25J Mitchell physical update Class 1. -------------------------------------------------- Improved overall flight ch...
(Blade Scraper, , 25.8 KB)
05-04-2008 2207
=1= NA AT-6 Texan._AV
North American(NA) AT-6 Texan Physical update class 1. Class 1 or =1= means the aircraft has a lower top speed but has ...
(Blade Scraper, , 23.5 KB)
05-04-2008 1149
=1R= F2G-1 Super Corsair._AV
Vought F2G-1 Super Corsair physical update Class 1R Class 1R or =1R= means the aircraft exceeds speeds over 100+mph --...
(Blade Scraper, , 31.4 KB)
05-04-2008 1716
=2= Cessna 310._AV
Top Flite Cessna 310 Physical update class 2. --------------------------------------------------------- Maximum Speed-...
(Blade Scraper, , 24.8 KB)
05-04-2008 2665
=2= Piper Arrow II._AV
Top Flite Piper Arrow II physical update Class 2 Class 2 or =2= means the aircraft is a light sport. -----------------...
(Blade Scraper, , 25.9 KB)
05-04-2008 1598
Aeroworks Yak-54 (120)_AV
A replica of the Aeroworks Yak-54 .120 size. Really nice flying characteristics! A bit of right aileron is required b...
(Blade Scraper, , 30.6 KB)
08-05-2007 1606
Aeroworks Yak-54 (120EP)_AV
An electric conversion of my previouse 1.20 sized yak. 2 pounds lighter than the nitro version. Very quick and fun! E...
(Blade Scraper, , 29.9 KB)
08-10-2007 1289
Agusta A109 Turbine._AV
The updated bell 222 turbine,weighs 22 pounds with a very nice fuel supply,the blade RPM varies from 1100-1400. Please ...
(Blade Scraper, , 51.2 KB)
02-18-2008 2992
Agusta A109 Micro EP_AV
I couldn't resist making this a micro enjoy! O yea if your wondering it uses 282mm blades.
(Blade Scraper, , 34.5 KB)
10-09-2007 1493
Airworld GeeBee R-3_AV
Just an edit,it fly's like the airworld geeBee R3,not exactly but close. Powerd by GH Engines GH86 5Cylinder Four Strok...
(Blade Scraper, , 35.6 KB)
08-08-2007 1906
Align Trex 450SE V2._AV
This has a quicker tail and has visual Align CF blades.
(Blade Scraper, , 40.9 KB)
04-19-2008 7540
Align Trex 600 Nitro Pro._AV
This is outfitted with Futaba S9252 servos and uses a simulated Rev max govenor. The servo speed is set at .11 just like...
(Blade Scraper, , 38.7 KB)
02-15-2008 7566
AT-6 Texan AFHC_AV
This feels much more like an RC plane with real set ups. The speed IS realsitic we have planes at our feild that really...
(Blade Scraper, , 25.0 KB)
02-10-2008 878
AT-6 Texan GS Scale Gear_AV
This is the same as the At-6 GS av,but this one has more realistic gear motion. Feautures smoke (3 pos switch) and scal...
(Blade Scraper, , 36.4 KB)
12-28-2007 2133
AT-6 Texan GS_AV
This is my giant Scale version of the AT-6( 50CC size) Features smoke activated by the 3 pos switch. Flys Great! Enjoy!
(Blade Scraper, , 36.3 KB)
9.7 12-27-2007 2940
B-17 400e_AV
This a 400 sized Electric B-17 with a 4000mah battery pack. Weighs in at about 3.5 pounds. Very fun to fly please enjo...
(Blade Scraper, , 21.1 KB)
08-31-2007 1424
B-25J Mitchell GS (Scale)._AV
This feels like the full scale a bit. The servos have been slowed down, it now has wheel brakes activated by pushing dow...
(Blade Scraper, , 37.0 KB)
03-09-2008 3284

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