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Albatros DVa-1_AV
My Aircarft variant of the Albatros DVa. added smoke component and gave it more power and manuverability. not much but ...
(Linkadrip, , 36.1 KB)
09-25-2007 593
This is A color scheme for the Bulldog. My first attempt at one i call it waco Cause its all messed up lol. kinda looks...
(Linkadrip, , 880.5 KB)
01-24-2008 443
This is the Concord created buy inky00 form the old swap pages. uploaded with permission form the Creator.
(Linkadrip, , 412.0 KB)
02-05-2008 15900
Crazy Sod Farm_AP
Crazy Sod farm.. Just added a wind mill and some other little extras not much just messin around. There are Some Rings...
(Linkadrip, , 145.3 KB)
08-06-2009 777
E Fokker DR1_AV
Change Physics of the plane Not as floaty differnt motor differnt batt, Added a little weight trying to get it more real...
(Linkadrip, , 30.4 KB)
02-09-2008 1420
E-Fokker DR-1_CS
Marble Fokker
(Linkadrip, , 410.8 KB)
02-09-2008 581
Fast Jet_AV
120 mph twin jet funjet fast jet
(Linkadrip, , 21.5 KB)
12-04-2007 2188
Fokker DR-1L_AV
Fokker Dr-1L AV added aeileron component to bottom wing for more manuverablity. Zeno gas engine Scaled up to 150 added w...
(Linkadrip, , 31.5 KB)
01-28-2008 786
Fokker DVII_AV
Fokker DVII Scaled to 300, Adjusted CG, Weight, And added Zenoah G26 engine. Half throttle should fly level. Read the ...
(Linkadrip, , 28.6 KB)
02-09-2008 960
Learjet LG_CS
Second attempt at a color scheme. Just learning so it not the greatest but its different looks kinda cool.
(Linkadrip, , 528.4 KB)
02-03-2008 486
LearJetTurbine LG_AV
Increased Scale, Added weight Cnanged CG Added Smoke Components wanted to make a New color sheme for the plane But cant ...
(Linkadrip, , 21.5 KB)
01-30-2008 971
MiG-31 Firefox-1._AV
Turbo prop engines added a little cg tweak strength multipler raised a little on front conard or elevator. Goes pretty ...
(Linkadrip, , 8.4 KB)
08-19-2008 777
Oxai Pinnacle F3a Nitro._AV
Nitro powered Oxai Pinnacle F3a..
(Linkadrip, , 30.8 KB)
04-27-2008 2786
An Airport my son made that he calls Tehachapi pretty cool airport.
(Linkadrip, , 62.0 KB)
06-27-2007 520
Training grounds by the lake_A...
Training grounds by the lake is my first attempt at creating an airport. Hopefully it will upload correctly seems that t...
(Linkadrip, , 76.2 KB)
01-13-2008 1272
Travel Air Mystery Ship-1_AV
A Larger version of the Mystery airship. made it bigger put a bigger engine in it of course and messed around with weigh...
(Linkadrip, , 25.6 KB)
01-14-2008 474
TwisT 150._CS
This is my futile attempt at making a color scheme for the Twist 150. In the process of trying to make it Look right the...
(Linkadrip, , 628.6 KB)
03-16-2008 647
Twist 150_AV
Twist 150 Just the 40 scaled up i take no credit for the desighn of the aircraft just scaled it up put a gas engine in i...
(Linkadrip, , 26.1 KB)
12-24-2007 768
Messin around with A color scheme made a blue Twist with Differnt colors looks pretty cool So here it is. I Think Twsit...
(Linkadrip, , 1.12 MB)
03-20-2008 490

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