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Electric park version of nizz's Boeing 747-400 Qantas with reverse thrusters
(TOP GUN, , 2.13 MB)
12-29-2006 7714
Cody m18_CS
My M-18 Color scheme
(TOP GUN, , 243.8 KB)
12-22-2006 922
Custom electric bell_AV
Electric Bell 222 a little more power fully tweaked
(TOP GUN, , 33.4 KB)
02-10-2007 1149
F-22 Heli physics_AV
f-22 raptor that hovers it flies just like a heli umm it needs to be flown with the 3d switch off like in down position ...
(TOP GUN, , 20.2 KB)
06-17-2007 907
Indoor Grass Flight Field_AP
this is my indoor grass flying field i hope u all like it! TOP GUN
(TOP GUN, , 105.4 KB)
12-30-2006 1092
TOP GUN'S Gas Citabria_AV
A Gas version of the Citabria(created by nizz) i added some of the 3d physics to help it fly like a 3d plane i also mad...
(TOP GUN, , 25.0 KB)
12-24-2006 1008
This is my brand new black and white yak colorscheme took hours to make so rate it wisely!
(TOP GUN, , 67.3 KB)
12-31-2006 503

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