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A Smokin' Extra Special_AV
Smokin' Extra Special. Spin with this thing look at the pretty pattern
(cliffanddebbie, , 33.0 KB)
06-02-2007 937
Carnival gone wrong_AP
try dodging some these buildings in the wrong spot!!!
(cliffanddebbie, , 79.0 KB)
05-27-2007 414
Daniel_E flite Tensor 4D_RC
I just made this up 'cos i like 3d flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
(cliffanddebbie, , 11.54 MB)
06-11-2007 741
Daniel_Extra330S RBull_1_RC
My first export.Only a recording but it's all 3D! When I break off the wing it is on purpose
(cliffanddebbie, , 35.27 MB)
05-19-2007 859
E flite Tensor 4D_AV
credit to the modeller as i can't even make these.
(cliffanddebbie, , 44.4 KB)
06-11-2007 1517
GeeBee R-3 Penzoil Smoke_AV
The geebee r-3 smokin' with the colours of the penzoilracer scheme
(cliffanddebbie, , 33.6 KB)
06-02-2007 1207
giant tensor smoker_AV
First of all i give credit to the creator of this aircraft which is something i didn't do when uploaded the aircraft ont...
(cliffanddebbie, , 45.9 KB)
06-10-2007 668
The Launceston Model Aero Club field in Tasmania.It is the field I fly at reguarly.
(cliffanddebbie, , 87.4 KB)
06-14-2007 401
Powerstar (update)_AV
an updated version of the powerstar
(cliffanddebbie, , 22.3 KB)
06-11-2007 304
this an aircraft called the powerstar.very good trainer.I learned to fly with this on realflight and a hustler in real l...
(cliffanddebbie, , 22.1 KB)
05-25-2007 330
Smokin' Bergen Intrepid_AV
My first smokin' heli
(cliffanddebbie, , 34.5 KB)
06-02-2007 478
Smokin' Giant Big Stik_AV
Smokin' Big Stik
(cliffanddebbie, , 26.1 KB)
06-02-2007 894
Smokin' Super Sportster_AV
smokin' super sporster
(cliffanddebbie, , 21.4 KB)
06-01-2007 535
Tensor 4D G3_EA
the giant tensor 4d
(cliffanddebbie, , 628.6 KB)
1.1 06-09-2007 6228
Ultimate Biplane smokin' strea...
the ultimate bipe with sreamers and coloured smoke all the same colour.
(cliffanddebbie, , 46.1 KB)
06-11-2007 767
Viper tail_AV
this is what i call the viper tail. I changed the dihedral in the tail so now it will roll slower and do loops slower as...
(cliffanddebbie, , 24.1 KB)
06-11-2007 575

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