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Blue Slicko_CS
Wicked Fun Hobbys' Slicko 3D, available in Blue!
(AlternativeRC, , 9.75 MB)
11-09-2012 382
Here is an alternate color scheme for the Fancy Foam 42" Mx2
(AlternativeRC, , 10.30 MB)
11-20-2012 538
Buck Huck CS_CS
This is a requested CS for the EPP Edge 540T the Buck Huck scheme.
(AlternativeRC, , 7.06 MB)
10-30-2012 483
Electrifly VFO No Gyros_AV
This is a variant of my earlier VFO model, in an attempt to get rid of the gyros and hopefully make it more like the rea...
(AlternativeRC, , 33.3 KB)
05-01-2010 653
Electrifly VFO_EA
This is the new VFO from Electrifly, "The hybrid that's part plane, part heli and all fun!" 3D and Physics Mo...
(AlternativeRC, , 1.57 MB)
04-24-2010 5255
Electrifly Yak 55 FF Brushless...
This is My new version of the Yak 55 FF Model, now with brushless power system from 2DogRc, with the Dualsky XM400ES mot...
(AlternativeRC, , 27.5 KB)
04-15-2010 769
This is a base EPP texture Scheme for the Edge 540T, so you can paint your own
(AlternativeRC, , 6.52 MB)
10-30-2012 345
EPP Skycart_EA
Mario has never had more fun, a flying go-cart! The SkyCart is an actual RC flying go-cart that is great fun on the grou...
(AlternativeRC, , 7.36 MB)
01-17-2013 3666
Fancy Foam 42 Mx2_EA
The Fancy Foam Full Fuse 42" Mx2 is complete with a Hotwire CNC cut full airfoil wing, built up Full Fuselage, ...
(AlternativeRC, , 10.91 MB)
11-20-2012 2730
Fancy Foam EZ-Fly_EA
Fancy Foam EZ Fly, an almost indestructible EPP trainer model, great for a first time RC model flyer! 3D model and co...
(AlternativeRC, , 13.45 MB)
12-08-2012 1619
FF EZ Fly Silver_CS
Here is a silver color scheme for the EZ Fly
(AlternativeRC, , 8.33 MB)
12-10-2012 314
Great Planes YAK 55 3D EPP Fli...
The latest attempt at the GP Yak 55 3D EPP Flightflex model. this version more closely resembles the real model than...
(AlternativeRC, , 1.41 MB)
01-18-2008 6951
Green Slicko_CS
Wicked Fun Hobbys' Slicko 3D, available in Green!
(AlternativeRC, , 9.65 MB)
11-09-2012 389
GWS A-10 TB II Desert Camo_CS
Desert Camo Pattern for the GWS A-10
(AlternativeRC, , 4.68 MB)
01-09-2011 615
GWS A-10 TB II Forest Camo_CS
A Green and Brown Camo Pattern for the GWS A-10
(AlternativeRC, , 4.32 MB)
01-09-2011 439
GWS A-10 TB II Green Camo_CS
Green on Green Camo pattern for the GWS A-10
(AlternativeRC, , 4.09 MB)
01-09-2011 409
GWS A-10 TB II Green_CS
Straight Green Scheme for the GWS A-10
(AlternativeRC, , 3.73 MB)
01-09-2011 357
GWS A-10 TB II Grey Camo_CS
Grey Camo Pattern for the GWS A-10
(AlternativeRC, , 4.18 MB)
01-09-2011 460
GWS A-10 Thunderbolt II with R...
GWS A-10 Thunderbolt II AV with rudder added. 3D model and physics by AlternativeRC
(AlternativeRC, , 24.5 KB)
01-08-2011 686
GWS A-10 Thunderbolt II with u...
I decided to upload this after playing around with the physics model, and I realized that my EA was virtually unbreakabl...
(AlternativeRC, , 24.0 KB)
01-09-2011 770

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