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Green b29_CS
Yet another simple green CS from me, only on a very very popular aircraft.
(Teh Frog, , 203.5 KB)
11-20-2007 715
Green Thunder_CS
A wonderful green CS of the Blue Thunder.
(Teh Frog, , 483.7 KB)
11-20-2007 666
Just a green CS of Cowboy's B-52. Thanks to phrank for instructing me on how to edit a tga and make it a CS.
(Teh Frog, , 148.5 KB)
11-20-2007 329
Neon b52_CS
A lighter, brighter, more eye-pleasing 52.
(Teh Frog, , 161.5 KB)
11-20-2007 675
sky camo_CS
Sky color scheme for the Predator UAV
(Teh Frog, , 241.7 KB)
01-14-2008 1369
Teh Frog_Yak-54 3D no sound_RC
I made this for entertainment so PLEASE RATE and enjoy =). Song played with recording: I Believe I Can Fly. Edit: The PL...
(Teh Frog, , 27.90 MB)
01-12-2008 440
got this off the forums....someone please edit.....It doesn't work.
(Teh Frog, , 369.4 KB)
12-01-2007 7641
got this off the forums....someone please edit......works 50% well but needs more work
(Teh Frog, , 5.86 MB)
12-01-2007 13069
Yak-54 Gyro Streamers_AV
YAK-54 (Gyro) with streamers and matching smoke.(blue+yellow) -Teh Frog-
(Teh Frog, , 27.6 KB)
11-07-2007 507

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