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A simple CS that looks pretty darn good.
(longboardlax14, , 975.2 KB)
06-01-2010 239
It was hard to improve anything on this plane, but it did seem a little slow. So I put more pitch into a larger prop. Pl...
(longboardlax14, , 31.7 KB)
05-06-2010 943
Winter Camo_CS
This is my first attempt at any color scheme. Don't be too harsh on the rating and please comment so I can improve. Avat...
(longboardlax14, , 16.21 MB)
05-08-2010 708
Wolverine Skyhawks Sparta Fiel...
This is the Wolverine Skyhawks sparta flying field. No need to rate, just enjoy. P.S. make sure you have the free add...
(longboardlax14, , 276.0 KB)
05-29-2010 580
Wonder Bread Dots_CS
You wanted more dots, you got them. Thanks for commenting and I hope this pleases everyone. Thanks for better name ideas...
(longboardlax14, , 996.8 KB)
06-02-2010 292

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