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A-10 - 81st Fighter Squadron '...
A-10C Thunderbolt II 82-0649 of the 81st Fighter Squadron 'Panthers", Spangdahlem AB, Germany. I've always loved ...
(dh60man, , 23.64 MB)
10-22-2016 681
Canadair CL-215 90 Edit 1_AV
.90 size CL-215 with smoke added for "water" drops. Thanks DHK79, Blade Scraper, & KMAC for your work, I l...
(dh60man, , 49.2 KB)
04-06-2011 1388
CL-215 THK (Turkish Aeronautic...
Canadair CL-215 formerly owned by Air Spray Ltd. of Canada as C-FTUU. The aircraft was purchased along with two other CL...
(dh60man, , 127.9 KB)
04-06-2011 975
Crashtesthobby Assassin Advanc...
FPV camera and aft facing camera equipped variant of mtgtopdeck's advanced Assassin.
(dh60man, , 46.0 KB)
07-16-2017 427
Douglas AC-47 Spooky with guns...
CLEARED HOT! Side firing guns added to brianjt's AC-47 edit. Three .50's, 25 rounds per sec. x 3, and 30,000 rounds on b...
(dh60man, , 37.5 KB)
04-08-2011 1135
Hughes 500E Bumble Bee_CS
Couldn't end the weekend without one more. Black & Yellow 'Bumble Bee' stands out against both light & dark bac...
(dh60man, , 1.24 MB)
06-11-2017 241
Hughes Camo III_CS
One more camo paint scheme for the Mikado Hughes 500. Downloaded the EA yesterday and can't stop flying it!
(dh60man, , 1.42 MB)
06-10-2017 164
Hughes Camo IV_CS
Variant of my last one, for concealment in 'greener' environments.
(dh60man, , 1.34 MB)
06-11-2017 148
Mikado Hughes 500 with Pilot C...
Mikado Hughes 500 with FPV Cam and rockets on dual rate switch (towards you safe - away from you fires a salvo of four p...
(dh60man, , 1.20 MB)
07-01-2017 440
Mikado Hughes 500 with Pilot C...
Just added a camera to the awesome Mikado Hughes 500 just in case anyone wants to fly it from the cockpit. Recommend us...
(dh60man, , 1.20 MB)
06-11-2017 323
SAAB J-21A C-15_CS
Different set of markings for wilsonman's nice Saab J-21 - Great flying model!
(dh60man, , 258.8 KB)
09-07-2011 679
Sea Fury British Fleet Air Arm...
British Fleet Air Arm Sea Fury flown by Lt. Peter Carmichael on 9 Aug. 1952 on a Combat Air Patrol for which he was cred...
(dh60man, , 58.7 KB)
03-09-2011 492
Sea Fury British Pacific Fleet...
If the war had lingered on into 1946 it's very possible that this British Pacific Fleet Sea Fury (hypothetical) might ha...
(dh60man, , 58.4 KB)
09-10-2011 391
Sea Fury Iraqi Air Force (Bagd...
Hawker Fury I of the Iraqi Air Force (Bagdad Fury)
(dh60man, , 76.8 KB)
09-11-2011 330
Sea Fury N7-43 Prototype_CS
One of six prototype aircraft, it was the last propeller-driven fighter to serve with the Royal Navy, it was also one of...
(dh60man, , 55.7 KB)
09-11-2011 333
Sea Fury Racer - Furias_CS
Reno Air Race veteran "Furias" repaint.
(dh60man, , 65.1 KB)
03-09-2011 417
Sea Fury Racer - Riff Raff_CS
Reno Air Race veteran "Riff Raff" Sea Fury repaint. (If I could only loose the hook)
(dh60man, , 62.4 KB)
03-09-2011 397
Sea Fury Racer - Spirit of Tex...
One more Reno Air Race veteran "Spirit of Texas" Sea Fury repaint.
(dh60man, , 56.0 KB)
03-09-2011 423
Sea Fury Royal Dutch Navy (Ear...
Dutch Navy Repaint for Top Flight Gold Edition Hawker Sea Fury.
(dh60man, , 48.9 KB)
03-08-2011 356
Super Cub 5Y-GAW_CS
5Y-GAW is a Super Cub regularly used in the air safari role in her home country of Kenya. Check out Kenyacub's galleri...
(dh60man, , 354.0 KB)
11-16-2013 250

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