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33%_Pitts_S-1 RWB 3D_AV
This variant is intended to be flown more 3D style than the original with larger throws (with the adjusted linkages), an...
(Madratter, , 47.8 KB)
07-14-2012 777
Bristol F2b_EA
This is a 1/4 scale model of the Bristol F.2b, used by the RAF in the Great War. Channel Five controls the dual rates...
(Madratter, , 17.58 MB)
12-02-2012 3617
Edge540 EPP Foamy_EA
This is an 3D EPP foam version of the Zivko Edge 540 created for RF6. It hovers nicely, does clean knife edges with almo...
(Madratter, , 3.63 MB)
02-10-2012 1787
McFoamy-RF6 v01_AV
This version of the McFoamy is setup to run under RF6. Because of changes in the physics between RF G5 and RF6, the orig...
(Madratter, , 32.8 KB)
12-27-2011 893
ORCA Airfoil Tweak_AV
This AV corrects an airfoil problem with the fuselage that results in a slight pull to the right. I have also moved t...
(Madratter, , 15.9 KB)
12-06-2012 437
Pete 'n Poke OS52 4 Stroke_AV
This variant of the Pete 'n Poke uses a less powerful engine, the OS52 four stoke with a 12x6 prop. This is more in keep...
(Madratter, , 27.9 KB)
02-27-2012 531
RAF FE2b 6 cell_AV
This variant is for those who would prefer a version of the FE2b with a bit more pep, even if the result isn't scale lik...
(Madratter, , 1.85 MB)
08-20-2012 487
This is the Royal Airforce Factory F.E.2b. The landing gear identify it as an early model. It has a 160 HP Beardmore eng...
(Madratter, , 22.79 MB)
10-31-2012 1903
NOTE: Some users are reporting they are getting a missing motor. This is a RF6 import bug. Users are reporting that if y...
(Madratter, , 22.29 MB)
08-19-2012 1493
RC Factory Yak-55 EPP 3d prop_...
This variant of the RC Factory Yak 55 has a 10x4.7 propeller more suited to 3d flight instead of the 10x8 that is used i...
(Madratter, , 33.6 KB)
12-26-2011 1024
Twisted Hobbys EPP Crack Yak-5...
The gold color scheme for the Twisted Hobbys EPP Crack Yak-55 v2.
(Madratter, , 5.46 MB)
04-05-2012 1544
Twisted Hobbys EPP Crack Yak-5...
This is the Twisted Hobbys EPP Crack Yak-55 in the blue color scheme. It is a 3D EPP foam plane that has great roll rate...
(Madratter, , 5.71 MB)
04-05-2012 8788

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