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American Flag Pitts S-1
(gibson, , 5.48 MB)
11-25-2012 644
Kirk Wicker_CS
Cap 232 in Kirk Wickers Cap 21 colors
(gibson, , 237.1 KB)
07-14-2013 340
New Yak_CS
Ultimate air show paint scheme...
(gibson, , 457.0 KB)
02-18-2013 361
Recall Stearman_CS
This is another Stearman... i know, i know, but its my favorite airplane ever. This is an authentic and historically acc...
(gibson, , 512.5 KB)
05-30-2012 606
Red Airshow Stearman_CS
This is my first CS. I used the Red Stearman CS and made some modifications to it... I just call it the Red Airshow Ste...
(gibson, , 509.4 KB)
05-11-2012 529
Stearman Duster_AV
This was a fun adjustment to the already amazing Stearman AV out there... I have created a Crop Duster with characterist...
(gibson, , 4.08 MB)
02-17-2019 114
W A S P Stearman N59293_CS
This stearman is owned by a good friend of mine. It is only my second CS so I had fun making it. This is a 1941 PT-17 St...
(gibson, , 476.3 KB)
05-11-2012 740

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