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A5M4 'Claude'_EA
The Mitsubishi A5m4 'Claude' Enjoy
(Wingman57, , 625.7 KB)
10-07-2009 2644
A6M3 Mod 32._AV
Aircraft Variant of my A6M3 has scale flaps and Single Gear and better performance Enjoy and Please Rate
(Wingman57, , 29.1 KB)
07-28-2008 866
A6M3 Zero Green_CS
Heres a better CS for my A6M3 Zero. Enjoy.
(Wingman57, , 157.4 KB)
06-04-2009 1133
The Aeronca 7AC Champion. I started this a while back and never finished it, and when I was going through my files ...
(Wingman57, , 1.18 MB)
01-04-2011 2450
AT-6 TexanGS._AV
A bigger scale AT-6 with scale retracts
(Wingman57, , 40.2 KB)
08-16-2008 869
Blaine Austin Yak54_CS
well i think this is the best one i made. i still cant get the decals so im sorry but i got the checkerd flag bottom, so...
(Wingman57, , 62.8 KB)
07-02-2007 660
Bob's Hobby Barn_CS
a CS for our local hobbyshop
(Wingman57, , 113.0 KB)
10-04-2007 412
Cap 232wm_EA
Cap 232 enjoy and plz rate WM57
(Wingman57, , 331.9 KB)
11-22-2009 4087
This is the Curtiss Jenny. 3D Model: WM57 Mapping: WM57 CS: WM57 Heirchy: Brent G Special thanks to brent for all...
(Wingman57, , 361.7 KB)
07-12-2009 4396
EDF Intruder_EA
The EDF (electric Ducted Fan) Intruder. Enjoy This will work with G4.5 also because it too is a (.rfx) file. Thanks, W...
(Wingman57, , 310.5 KB)
01-03-2010 2000
Eflite Sukhoi26_EA
the Eflite Sukhoi 26
(Wingman57, , 199.9 KB)
10-23-2009 4534
Extra 300 Aeroworks Red_CS
A red aeroworks scheme for Dhk's extra 300
(Wingman57, , 2.32 MB)
03-21-2011 768
Extra 330S Sport Aerobatic_CS
Color Scheme just like my new extra. No Decals.(Please Rate)
(Wingman57, , 46.0 KB)
06-28-2007 687
Extreme Extra 300L_CS
Heres Another one i just wipped together
(Wingman57, , 116.1 KB)
06-20-2007 625
F-22 Ghost Of Razgriz_CS
The F-22 "Ghost Of Razgriz" Color scheme from Ace Combat 5
(Wingman57, , 2.06 MB)
11-15-2010 1700
FlatOut Turmoil(With Gyro)_AV
well i finally found out how to put a gyro in and i said hey this would work in a turmoil well here it is
(Wingman57, , 35.1 KB)
08-04-2007 529
GY-20 Minicab_EA
The GY-20 Minicab. Thought it was a cool looking plane to make. Moving stick and opening canopy. Enjoy, WM57
(Wingman57, , 927.1 KB)
01-07-2010 1643
Krill Su-29 White_CS
Sebart CS for My SU-29
(Wingman57, , 190.8 KB)
05-02-2010 1246
Krill Su-29_EA
Repost: Aileron Fixed. Thanks for the tip guys. Krill Su-29 37%. Thanks, Wm57
(Wingman57, , 507.8 KB)
05-02-2010 5688
This is my Me-163 Komet. The CS is not the best so feel free to create one of your own. Model-Wingman57 Pysics-Wingman...
(Wingman57, , 1.90 MB)
03-11-2009 5436

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