How to import a RealFlight Archive from the Knife Edge Swap Pages into RealFlight

Once you have downloaded a file from the Knife Edge Swap Pages and saved it to your computer's hard drive, the next step is to import it into RealFlight. First, you'll need to launch RealFlight. From within RealFlight, go click the "Simulation" menu in the upper-left corner, choose the "Import" sub-menu, and select "RealFlight Archive (RFX, G3X)...", or "G3X..." (RealFlight G3 and G3.5 users only). See the screenshot below.

Next, you'll need to find and select the downloaded file for import. See the screenshot below.

The import process will commence. Once finished, if everything went smoothly, you should see a message similar to the one below. You should now be able to load up and use your imported content!

Note: An important thing to keep in mind when downloading and importing Swap Page content is the potential for version differences between your RealFlight installation and the content creator's. RealFlight is backwards-compatible but not forwards-compatible. For example, files from RealFlight G3.5 will import into RealFlight 6, but files from RealFlight 6 are not compatible with RealFlight G3.5.

Furthermore, due to fundamental changes in RealFlight's physics system between major RealFlight versions, an aircraft that was fine-tuned for and exported from an older version of RealFlight may behave in an erratic or unexpected manner in a new version of RealFlight. In such cases, the model may need to be fixed by its original author.