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Agusta Westland EH101 "Texture Package"


the following file(s) are containing texture data for the Agusta Westland EH101 on Swap Pages released for Realflight G4.5 (here) and Realflight G3.5 (here).

The Agusta Westland EH101 Texture Package contains the following maps:

- Metalframework (.png-file with transparency information)

- Rivetframework (.png-file with transparency information)

- Ambient Occlusion Map (Calculated by approximation) (.tga-file)

- Ambient Occlusion Map (Calculated by Raytracing) (.tga-file)

- DIRTLAYER (Calculated by procedural textures) (.tga-file)


- NON_TO_BLUR_RIVETS (.png-file with transparency information)

- BLACK_AREAS (.png-file with transparency information)

- UV_MAP ("Master Template of all mapped parts of the aircraft") (.tga-file)

- WINDSCREEN_WHIPERS (.png-file with transparency information)

- INTERIOR_COCKPIT (.png-file with transparency information)

In order to access the archive you have to delete the .G3X file ending. It's a default .zip-file.

Have fun texturing the EH101,

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