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RealFlight Add-Ons in Vista...

I have the RealFlight Add-Ons 1 to 5 for RealFlight G4.5 installed and working fine on Win XP. However, I am unable to properly install the same add-ons in Win Vista Home Premium. Does anyone have the fix for this issue?

In Win XP, the add-ons go into the 'RealFlight G4/Data' file folder. In Win Vista Premium Home, the data file is found in 'RealFlightG4/Cache/Data' file folder. When installing the add-ons into this folder the RealFlightG4.5 program does not 'see' them.

I even Copy/Pasted the 'RealFlightG4/Cache/Data' file folder and placed it into 'RealFlightG4/Data'. But this didn't work either.

What is the proper way to install the RealFlight Add-Ons files into RealFlight G4 on Win Vista Home Premium? Many thanks...
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