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Integrated Drone Features

Here is a more detailed list of drone-related features brought over from the RealFlight Drone product.
  • New vehicles (see above), batteries, motors, and props
  • Flight Modes gadget - Displays the available flight modes, indicates which one is currently selected, and describes how each mode works.
  • A gimbal stabilized camera component with true 3-axis operation
  • Support for daytime lights on vehicles
  • Multirotor Flight Controller: Added Headless mode (including customizable mode name text)
  • Multirotor Flight Controller: Added Tail Sitter mode (for aircraft like the xCraft X PlusOne)
  • Multirotor Flight Controller: Added Disarmed mode
  • Multirotor Flight Controller: Customizable RTL flight speed and RTL/Land ascent/descent rate
  • A dedicated Drone vehicle type (the sim used to treat them as helis)
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