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Knife Edge wouldn't put out a model unless it somewhat resembled the real aircraft. Realflight's Physics, are arguably the best in the business. I don't have Realflight Drone, but what I do have is Realflight 3,4,5,6,7,8, all the .5 upgrades expansion packs, add-ons and RF-X. Realflight 8 Gave us the multirotors from the Drone version and the ability to EDIT the models. Realflight's Editor is really what sets it apart, you can tune the aircraft to fly the way you want. Drone edition sadly doesn't have it.

I have Several RC aircraft, including a few quads (6). Some are very easy to fly, and others, not so much. Racers are what I would consider a handful. Somewhat easier than a Helicopter ( I have 5 real ones ranging from 300 size to 600) that isn't flying 3D but much faster in direction changes, and throttle response.

I do have Realflight competitions software such as Aerofly, Phoenix, Liftoff (a racer quad sim),NeXt and AccuRC V2.

I have been here long enough to not need to prove that I am a Realflight "user", I'll just leave it at that. Out of the Forum regulars who are still here, only a couple have been here longer than me.
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