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I don't see much distinction between the suggestion and what can already be done - I do it a lot for personal models.
a. Find an existing that is as close as you can get to the look/shape of the desired model, and make a copy.
b. Edit the dimensions, airfoils, weights etc. to match the "real" version .
c. Create a new color scheme, if desired.

Doing this has resulted in planes that are very, very faithful to the "real" ones I fly in behavior. So good, I use them as prototypes to fix whatever flight issues they (and the "real" ones) may have - change incidence, thrust angles, CG etc., and invariably the same done to the "real" one fixes its issues too.

Yes, a shape may not look completely correct as the base plane may not be the same as the "real" one. But that's where using the design tools come in - to build your own that does look like the "real" one, exactly.
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