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Using a similar visual model as the basis for your own custom physics is certainly a valid, useful approach if you donít have the ability/donít want to invest the time in creating a more accurate representation. In fact, prior to G3 thatís all anybody could do! But that assumes you can find a visual model that is in any way similar to your design. I canít speak for the ArduPilot community, but I imagine the impetus for this request is the fact that experimental designs can be radically different from anything that already exists, making it pretty difficult to find a suitable visual basis.

(Iím not seeing the risk of being able to steal anyoneís art. As far as I can tell, that was borne out of an initial misunderstanding of the feature request.)

The ArduPilot developers are doing sophisticated things with RealFlight, which is very cool! Frankly, they are advancing the state of things like flight controller technology and aircraft design in a way that benefits the entire RC industry. Some of the things theyíre doing (or attempting to do) with RealFlight and the questions theyíre asking here may feel a bit foreign. Theyíre coming at RealFlight from a different angle than everybody is used to on these forums. For one thing, they need art primarily in service of the research and development work theyíre doing, not so much as something to be enjoyed as an end unto itself. That is quite different than the average RealFlight user. And if they poke and prod at RealFlight and have questions about specific behaviors or the validity of numbers being reported, that is not them looking for ways to tear down the product; they need to understand things at that level in order to do their work, and to know that the simulation is dependable & accurate. If an area of potential improvement is identified and physics improvements come out of it, that benefits everyone!

I think I sense some protectiveness from the existing RealFlight community. The ArduPilot developers (and anyone else who may come along later doing similar kinds of work) are not doing anything to undermine the RC hobbyist experience, though. Itís more like the opposite, and youíre getting a window into a world you wouldnít normally see. The bottom line is there is room for both. Letís make them feel welcome here so that everyone can learn from each other! After all, you guys know a lot of things about RealFlight that they donít.
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