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I think I understand the feature you're outlining, but just to be sure, here's my interpretation:

You'd like to be able to create a vehicle without having any visual art to start with. Instead of starting from an FBX, you want to make a physics model in the editor as the starting point (wings, fuselages, engines, etc.). That physics model would then be used to create a (very simple) visual model.

In essence, rather than letting the art drive the physics, you'd like to be able to have the physics drive procedural art. Is this correct?

We've considered this in the past, and I like the idea! You're right that it would be a lot of work. There are some real issues that would need solving, particularly around fuselages, which currently rely on art for their geometry. But with more folks using RealFlight for engineering purposes, it's worth some consideration.

It's an exciting time in the model/UAS world, and I'm really happy that RealFlight is useful to these efforts.
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