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The Reset Button isn't a channel, so you cant program it into your controller.
When you start up RealFlight 7.5 the First Reset Has To Be Done, with the Reset Button on the InterLink Elite.
Or Reset Button on RealFlight Interface device)
This is, part of the software protection for RealFlight.

After the first reset:
You still Should be able to use the Reset Button on the InterLink Elite, with another radio hooked through it.

To reset your aircraft, after a crash, you can Also hit the Space Bar on the keyboard.

There is also an option, for "Automatic Reset" after a Crash.
In the Main Menu, Click: Simulation>Settings>Physics>Automatic Reset Delay (sec), (check out the description that comes up)
Then enter value.

If your New to RealFlight, I suggest you check out the sticky's at the top of the forum.
Sticky: Frequently Asked Questions - RF7.
Its like the RealFlight Cheat Sheet. Its loaded with Info everyone should get to know, all in one spot.
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