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Hi all. New to Realflight and am using my taranis straight away with a USB cord but have a couple of questions. I have it working for the most part but is there a way for RF to keep the TX as the default controller all the time?

1, When I open the sim I have to hit k to kill the engine on the plane otherwise it just takes off. Then I have to go select my TX from the list to activate it, then its all good.
2, The mapping seem very hard to figure out on different planes. One time I will have gunfire (P51) the next time I wont. And I'll have to fiddle around with the channel mapping to try and get my profile back for it

3, On the scenarios page, if I select one and fly it then try and change to another scenario all I get is the short list for different schemes of the same plane. I tried changing to stock, custom and back to all, but still have issues getting back to the full list. I see the long menu pull up for just a second, then it disappears.

All in all Im impressed with the game so far, and have ordered the WS1000 to use with my dx7 gen 2.
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