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Download Problems

Problem #1
During the download phase, a file might fail to download. A retry message is displayed: "An error occurred while downloading a file. Would you like to try downloading this file again?" This might happen repeatedly, either for the same file or for a different file each time.

This is annoying but ultimately non-destructive. The workaround is to keep retrying, or to cancel and try again later. Nothing you've already successfully downloaded will be lost, and if you cancel you can keep using the older version of RF-X in the meantime.

We don't yet know what is causing this issue. We're looking into it on the server side. In recent tests from within our office, sometimes we see it, and sometimes we don't.

Problem #2
After all the files are successfully downloaded, an out of memory error can occur while decompressing and copying downloaded files to their final destination.

This is more serious than problem #1. If it happens, it will leave your installation in a corrupted state. The bad news is that requires reinstalling your software before retrying the update. The good news is that you do not need to re-download the update, as long as you follow the instructions below.
  1. Uninstall RF-X, but leave your serial numbers, user content, and update cache intact. See the attached screenshot of the uninstall dialog and make sure yours looks exactly the same before you continue.
  2. Reinstall RF-X from your original disk.
  3. Re-register the software to get access to updates.
  4. Restart your computer and close other programs that are running. It is especially important to close 32-bit programs, which are often--though not always--labeled in the Task Manager. See the attached shot of a task list, where Chrome is a 32-bit program using over 1 GB of memory.
  5. Update to 1.50.004.

Please note that we are adding two steps to the original download instructions: Shutting down other programs, and disabling antivirus software (for the duration of the update only).
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