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Originally Posted by asj5547 View Post
I have the T-28C in my hanger now, thanks for the download, that 9 cylinder radial looks great and the plane fly's perfect. (already removed the glue from the front wheel)
Lets hope Jeremy's high poly count fix will solve this problem for you.
Now back to flying, and looking for something I can get that tailhook latched onto!!! there must be a phone line around somewhere.

Here's a new beta for you to try out. The first pass of increasing the triangle count of all the tires collision mesh really didn't seem to help, some maybe but not much. But Jeremy said they had problems when the poly count was too low so I went back and added an angle cut for all the segments in the collision mesh and also made the nose tire 1 inch wide instead of .82 inch wide. Adding the cross cut to all the segments doubled the poly count while leaving the triangle count the same, and it seemed to help quite a bit to me. It's still not perfect but the sticks seem to be way down and a short burst of the throttle seems to unstick it. So if you would please give this a try on several airports and let me know what you think. Thanks for your help on this.

Beta with improved collision mesh for all tires and nose tire is wider. Oh I upped the braking some to 90% on the main gear and 5% on the nose gear. The nose gear didn't have any braking and the main gear was 80%. I also uploaded pictures of the 1st way I did the improved collision mesh and a 2nd picture of how I added the extra poly in each segment. That's the way the tires are too.
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