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Originally Posted by Nizz

I need $$$$ and then all looks very nice.

Rename the new G3X when you need to overwrite the old version.

New size adjustment. Wheel housing fits now. Propp reposed.
Yeah, we know how it goes.

None of us get paid for this.

We -ARE- doing it for fun, right?

In spite of a few people that don't seem to realise it at times.

Please appreciate that we LIKE what you've done, which is why you got the input on the changes from me.

The plane is excellent IMHO.

I've been having a blast with it.

Knifeedge should contact a few of the posters and offer to include their airplanes in their next release of add-ons, then kick back a few $$$ to keep getting user created add-ons going.

These same planes should be left as downloadables from the forums, but offered as an adjunct to anything they do on the disks.

That would be pretty nice. I've seen this done with Flanker 2.0. It made me go out and buy the upgrade for it.