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Excellent (Glider)!

The Cliff-Wing is Fantastic! Just for laughs, after flying the Cliff-Wing @ Sierra Nevada Cliff, I popped the Pilatus on the slope, took-off, killed the engine, upped the retracts and slope-soared with it, using the flaps for more lift as needed...a hoot!

The Pilatus/Cliff-Wing/Variants all improve Nizz's creation!

Oh... a little something I recorded, titled, "I'm flappin' 'er all I can, Captain...and I still can't get 'er airborne!" (homage to Scotty, on Star Trek)

Oh! The twin turbine contrails are a nice touch too, whomever did that (on Pilatus)!

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"Sometimes, I run out of altitude and the same time!"

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