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Originally Posted by olds455
Well im getting better at it. I got the balance where i think it should be. I mixed in some up elevator when the flaps go down. Its approach speed is below 40 and then it tries to fall fron the sky. At about 1/2 power its got a good decent path with good pitch control for touchdown. Ithink the brake is still on. it stops very quickly after touchdown and takes forever to get rolling. If I can figure out how to upload it I will. i think I just need to export it from g3 and then the upload in the manage attachments just below here. Anyone with the know how please let me know. Thanks

I made physic model for rick a while back that had multiple wheels, flaps, brakes, etc...and i had the same problem, it wouldnt roll for nothing on the ground, no matter what i did, i had to make up for it by adding too much power, so i think g3 has a hard time with simulating multiple wheels...thats the explanation i can figure out.