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Elaborating a bit....


You -MUST- be running G3 version .430 or above.

Go to the very first post in each of the threads to find the downloadable files.

The posted files are usually attached to the first posts.

They should be visible to you as a link in blue.

RIGHT CLICK on any file and click on "save as".

Navigate to the target folder, to save time go right to

C:\Program Files\RealflightG3\G3X and hit save.

DO NOT "Unzip" the files posted here.

Make sure that you save them with the .G3X suffix. If they do not appear to have a .G3X suffix, rename the file so that it does have a .G3X suffix.

(You may have to enable Window's ability to show suffixes...)

Note: Some files show up as "attachment.php" due to problems with Internet Explorer (thanks Microsoft...). If you see this happening, rename the file to the same name as the file displayed on the posting. You can also do this from the "save as" dialog.

Now start up G3.

Click File/Import in G3.

You should be right at the G3X folder with all of the downloaded plane files visible.

Click on a file to select it, then click OK to import the plane...


Always start with one of the "EA" files if possible.

EA = Entire Aircraft.

EA files may or often contain the "base" plane upon which other "variants" are based. You may need a particular "base" plane before installing/importing another file or plane.

EA files contain everything in one file.

You must have a "base" plane for each variant or colorscheme you install.

Once you have installed a base plane, try one of the variants or colorschemes.

CS = Colorscheme
AV = Aircraft variant.

Colorschemes appear as option paint schemes for the plane when available.

An aircraft variant typically contains a modification to the physics of an aircraft to make it behave like another or to adjust it's behaviour. Variants are NOT seperate aircraft unto themselves!

Once done importing, look for the new files/planes in the "Custom Aircraft" heading in the aircraft menu.

Variants will appear as sub-entries for their respective "base" planes.

Colorschemes will show up as available after you have selected the appropriate base plane.

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