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Blade CP 1st Try


This is a variant from the MX400 in expansion pack 1, so you'll need that.
It's very rough, meant more to attempt to simulate the KIND of heli rather than be particularly accurate in detail. Visually it's the same, I didn't change that at all.

The primary changes are no more heading hold on the gyro, changed the rotor blades to the closest match I could get to the flat bottomed plastic plates (not stock ones) and adjusted the location, size and weight of the flybar/paddles. I also changed the motor and battery. I have no clue on the gearing and such so I left that pretty much as is, it seems about right compared to my limited experience. Please note that the plastic blades are heavy and relatively "slow" compared to the stock wooden ones and I'm simulating the 9.6v NiMH pack and matching motor, not a LiPo despite the listed pack in the sim.

PLEASE feel free to offer suggestions, additional data... Particularly on things like the airfoil (I'd love to know exactly what it is, along with the standard wood blades and symetricals), gearing and tail dynamics. I consider this an alpha release rather than something further along and my limited experience means I need input from folks a lot more familiar with both the model and the simulator.

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