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Version 2

I'm not sure if this version is an improvement or not. It is closer to the actual weight of the Blade CP and I lowered the tail a bit. I also lightened the paddles, too much really but it felt closer to my Blade this way than the other.

Between the two versions I'm not sure which is closer. In terms of lift and such I think this one, for the rest I just don't know. I'm still working on the tail, I think I've got too much gyro dialed in and will play with that next.

-- edit gyro adjusted version uploaded--
WOW! I added 80% override on the gyro, basically freeing up the tail to control inputs without toning down the gyro anymore (it's at 50%) and it feels a lot better now. It's got that kind of loose but not out of control tail feel with fast piro's and it still tries to coordinate a bit in turns even without input.

Please, I need some feedback on this thing. Essentially I'm shooting blind on a lot of the flight feel since all I can reliably do is hover mine. I'm pretty decent in the sim but I'm still working on trimming and smooth control with the real one so I just don't have the experience to know what's not quite right.

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