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Current version

Ok, edit of this post. I decided it was past time to change the battery pack and sizing. Visually it's always been too big since I never adjusted the appearance, just the physics. So now it's 75% smaller, a rough approximation since I didn't actually compare the numbers when I did it. I also put in an 8 cell nimh pack, so it now has the issue of high starting voltage that quickly drops a bit then stays steady till near the end. These changes required a few other minor tweaks but only the CG change after putting in the heavier pack was important. My flight testing shows that this is much more accurate in terms of available power. You no longer have tons of lift in reserve but you're not short for normal flight either. The Blade CP requires the LiPo to really have lots of oomph so this is accurate.

I'm calling this a beta version. It's pretty decent but still not polished. I still need user feedback folks, along with any airfoil information folks have.

For the newcomers using this to learn prior to flying their real ones, it is a lot more durable than the real one, you'll have tail strikes with the real thing that cause crashes. I highly suggest practicing your landings with a very slight FORWARD motion and mostly straight ahead to avoid any angular momentum. Also remember to cut throttle and trim the second you're down just in case. These are vital skills with a Blade CP and will save you lots of headaches and money.

Err, not 75% smaller, 75% of the size it WAS, little typo there.
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