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So far so good, thanks for the positive feedback.

I made a new lipo version with symetricals but it needs tons of work and I don't have any experience with the real one so it'll wait. Let's just say if that's how it really flew, no one would be flying that setup You wound up holding about half right cyclic just to cut the drift and there was no way in hell you were going to do any aerobatics, it was just too unbalanced. I'm not sure where the issue is but figure by the time I get back to it I'll have more experience.

I did a couple more flights with my real CP, and a good bit of nose in practice with the sim version and sim'd larger helis so I could practice with a more steady machine. It really is pretty similar now, including the annoying tail. It's not that it's that poorly behaved, it's that it's just well enough behaved that you forget to keep flying it. My real one does the same thing when I've got it all trimmed nicely. I'll be just fine in that hover, then the slightest change in air movement or drift off a stable hover and the tail wants to swing. Gyro helps but too much is worse than not enough. It's good training though, and I imagine I'll get spoiled by my T-rex once I start flying with HH enabled. Going back to the blade after that could be funny.