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Blade CP Pro Version

As requested, a "Pro" version. It feels a bit weak to me, not as zippy as I'd expect, but that could just be the symetricals requiring more power for a given amount of lift. It does the aerobatics I'm capable of in the sim so...

For the record this version has:
910mah 3 cell LiPo
No heading hold on the gyro
Basic brushed 380 motor set for 150% base torque
Gear Ratio is set 1 higher (10:1 rather than 9) which avoids bogging but can't be helping with the available lift. I need more testing to find a good ratio of rotor speed to torque
Symetrical blades, NACA 14's. Basically they're cut down T-rex wooden blades.
Lightened the paddles and increased the paddle to rotor effect to 80%, to simulate the Bell-Hiller system. Interestingly enough this seems like it's making it MORE stable and solid, if responsive. I might just have to switch over on my blade.

I definitely need some feedback on this one since I do NOT own a Blade CP Pro and don't even run Li-Po batteries in my CP, so I'm not familiar with how it should feel and how much lift it really should have.
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