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Another update

This is the second version of the Dominion based CP Pro. It's got the tail tweaked much better and some other minor adjustments that seem to match up more closely.

It does NOT piro well, seems to spin along the wrong axis and I'm not sure why, gonna have to check the physics more carefully. I'm sure this issue was also effecting the aerobatics I tried, but I'm not very good at them so who knows if it was the bird of my lack of skills

-- Edit--
I found the piro/physics issue, can't believe I never noticed that before but I'll start working on fixing them. The last (normal CP with flat bottoms and nimh) is already corrected. It might turn out to be easier to start over from the Dominion for each version knowing what I learned tonight. It's almost tougher to change the heli to fix the error than it is to avoid the error when starting over from a "correct" one. The corrected one is NOT perfect and needs some adjusting to correct minor issues after the changes, a little rudder trim fixes them temporarily.
--end edit--

Please note that unless you happen to prefer an earlier version there's no reason to keep previous versions of each, each new edition of a variant is stand alone from the previous ones. Currently I've got the following:

Blade CP with Lipo and symetricals
Blade CP with Lipo, symetricals and HH
Blade CP Pro based off the Dominion which does not require any expansion pack. (please grab the one from the next post, it's a better version)
Blade CP with NiMH and flat bottom blades (corrected, should piro about right)

They're attached in order. There should be distinct differences between them, though hopefully the first and third are relatively alike. The one with heading hold can be adjusted to whatever amount of hold you want, offhand I don't recall what it's set to. The CP Pro variant has the responses tuned up to simulate having the Bell-Hiller setup rather than the standard. I might have accidentally made that change on the others, it's worth checking. Under the paddles adjustment there's a main rotor mix rate setting. "normal" is about 60% and with the Bell Hiller it could be as high as 100%, though that would make the heli respond almost instantly to any input, no gentle movement of the rotor, you move the stick it shifts angle with nearly no delay. I'll check them and update the attachments as needed, along with note here.

Keep in mind, three require Expansion Pack #1, the dominion based one does not require anything but G3. I'll eventually get around to a standard CP based on the dominion so everyone can use the standard CP in the sim. I need lots of feedback on these, folks. Telling me you like it is great, but doesn't help me improve them.
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