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RealFlight CP Pro

Cool Remy,

I was going to try making that yellow. I also want to see if I can eliminate the fins on the tail boom.

I was a fixed wing flyer for many years before I ever saw RealFlight, and I have been flying some of the old planes I had. It seems just like I was there again, and can see all the resemblences in the models and the field.

But if I had been flying the simulator and then tried the real thing, I am not so certain that it would seem the same. In fact it may leave me pretty short.

So now I see what people have been saying about the value of RealFlight being in switching back and forth between a real model and a RealFlight model.

I understand that you have a job Remy, but I bet someone could make a big dollar selling that Dominion heli painted up to look like a CP Pro, it amazes me that there isn't one that I have found out there!