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I'm gonna work on that, There's a way to dump them in the editor but I don't recall if they vanish visually or it just stops simulating their effects. I'll check it out later tonight or tomorrow since I'm off of work for the day.

I just got my T-Rex 450XL CDE kit today too, but none of the misc other parts, so I'll probably fiddle with that but mostly just work on sim stuff and flying my blade. I should have bought a fresh pair of blades for the CP but forgot in the excitement of finally picking up my T-Rex. My poor plastic blades are beat to hell and are starting to not track. It was bad enough I actually nearly crashed just hovering due to wobble it would induce at certain rpms. lol, I might just pop the 315mm woodies from the t-Rex on there and see how it does. I'm just hovering so it shouldn't pull too much juice, the plastics are heavier.