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Remyrw, Thanks so much for the work you've put in. I'm not an authority to say what does and doesn't fly like the CP; but in my humble opinion, you can make it more visually appear like the cp with modeling and that's fine. But if you want it to FLY more like the BladeCP you're going to have to model two gremlins into the flight characteristics

Tail-Whip: There's nothing that says "Hi! I'm a blade CP!" like that mysterious 10-to-200 degree tail whip that 'just happens'...
(everyone that's flown a CP knows what I'm talking about...)

And of course

Yo-Yo Bob: That less-mysterious ocillating effect that is a terribly complex combination of head play, head binding & battery current.

If you can put those two in there to occur randomly and with random intensity, it wouldn't matter what the model looked like. Blade CP owners all over the world would honour you.... We might even build you a monument...

But seriously.

Thanks very much. Very good work.