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I don't get that tail whip much inside, but add a touch of airflow... Not much I can do about it in the sim I don't think, though I might try turning down the gyro a lot then reducing the control override to keep the actual control input under control. That might do it for hovering but could get weird the rest of the time.

As for yo yo, lol, no clue how we'd simulate it but darned if it isn't a CP signature. It's not bad with the flat blades if you keep the headspeed up but wow, I put symetricals on and it's up and down up and down. I KNOW my headspeed's ok, any higher and I'd probably be maxing out the engine with the nimh's but it still does it. Ironically it seems to be worse when everything else is in good shape. The more stable I've got it overall the more it seems to yo yo. I'll be in a perfect hover and it'll be bobbing. *shrug* Maybe G3 needs "random physics input" as an option that we can apply to any aspect of the physics on a model.

Oh well.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it. I'm still messing with the standard cp but I might just post it as is. It's good, just got a bug or two still being annoying.