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Climb rate

I was concerned with the slow vertical climb rate on the standard CP until this afternoon. I usually fly inside so I don't floor the throttle, and my outside flights are usually pretty restricted too, since I tend to play it conservative out there.

Well, I did some FFF and circuits today and also some physics tests. Straight up, drop and recover... how much throttle to hold altitude and accelerate forward, that kind of thing. The sim is pretty darned close I think. I'm running symetricals on my real one but with the standard nimh battery and motor, so there isn't a big difference.

I got a real laugh out of how wacky the tail wanted to get outside though, a little breeze and that thing just gives up. I'm looking forward to my T-rex for outside flight.

Luckily for me, when it's time to model my T-rex there are a few visual models already out there I'm not real satisfied with the physics work on any of the actual T-rex variants but the ground work is there already.